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AUCO Czech Economic Review – 2/2011

Záznam přidán/aktualizován: 30. září 2011 v 10.17 hod.


Inflation Convergence and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve in the Czech Republic

Authors: Danišková, Katarína; Fidrmuc, Jarko

Pages: 99-115


Tax Morale, Entrepreneurship, and the Irregular Economy

Authors: Lisi, Gaetano; Pugno, Maurizio

Pages: 116-131


Quest for the Best: How to Measure Central Bank Independence and Show its Relationship with Inflation

Authors: Maslowska, Aleksandra A.

Pages: 132-161


Equilibrium Solution in a Game between a Cooperative and its Members

Authors: Bertini, Cesarino; Gambarelli, Gianfranco; Scarelli, Antonino; Varga, Zoltán

Pages: 162-171


Estimating the Efficiency of Voting in Big Size Committees

Authors: Doležel, Pavel

Pages: 172-190


Skill and Chance in Insurance Policies

Authors: Fragnelli, Vito; Marina, Maria Erminia

Pages: 191-202


Existence of Equilibrium Prices for Discontinuous Excess Demand Correspondences

Authors: Scalzo, Vincenzo

Pages: 203-210


Let Me See You! A Video Experiment on the Social Dimension of Risk Preferences

Authors: Güth, Werner; Levati, M. Vittoria; Ploner, Matteo

Pages: 211-225

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