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Finance a úvěr – 6/2010

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The Role of Inflation Persistence in the Inflation Process in the New EU Member States

Authors: Franta, Michal; Saxa, Branislav; Šmídková, Kateřina

Pages: 480-500

Fiscal Policy Reaction in the Short Term for Assessing Fiscal Sustainability in the Long Runin Central and Eastern European Countries

Authors: Câmpeanu, Emilia; Stoian, Andreea

Pages: 501-518

Volatility Spillovers between Stock and Currency Markets: Evidence from Emerging Eastern Europe

Authors: Fedorova, Elena; Saleem, Kashif

Pages: 519-533

The Lending-Deposit Rate Relationship in Eastern European Countries: Evidence from the Rank Test for Non-linear Cointegration

Authors: Chang, Hsu-Ling; Su, Chi-Wei

Pages: 534-544

Securitization of Longevity and Mortality Risk

Authors: Cipra, Tomas

Pages: 545-560

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