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AUCO Czech Economic Review – 1/2012

Záznam přidán/aktualizován: 25. červen 2012 v 18.51 hod.


Authors: Turnovec, František

Pages: 227-230

Dimensions of Political Contestation: Voting in the Council of the European Union before the 2004 Enlargement

Authors: Hosli, Madeleine O.; Uriot, Marc C. J.

Pages: 231-248

Coalitions in the EU Council: Pitfalls of Multidimensional Analysis

Authors: Plechanovová, Běla

Pages: 249-266

Power and Responsibility in Environmental Policy Making

Authors: Holler, Manfred J.; Wegner, Wenke

Pages: 267-288

Embedding Classical Indices in the FP Family

Authors: Chessa, Michela; Fragnelli, Vito

Pages: 289-305

Optimizing the Efficiency of Weighted Voting Games

Authors: Doležel, Pavel

Pages: 306-323

Voting Experiments: Measuring Vulnerability of Voting Procedures to Manipulation

Authors: Palguta, Ján

Pages: 324-345

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