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Prague Economic Papers – 2/2010

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Josef Arlt, Milan Bašta

The Problem of the Yearly Inflation Rate and Its Implications for the Monetary Policy of the Czech National Bank

Mohd Zaini Abd Karim, Sok-Gee Chan, Sallahudin Hassan

Bank Efficiency and Non-Performing Loans: Evidence from Malaysia and Singapore

Barbora Slintáková, Stanislav Klazar

Impact of Harmonisation on Distribution of VAT in the Czech Republic

Aydin Çelen, Burak Gunalp

Do Investigations of Competition Authorities Really Increase the Degree of Competition? An Answer From Turkish Cement Market

Lukáš Čechura, Heinrich Hockmann

Sources of Economical Growth in the Czech Food Processing

Vladimír Tomšík

Looking Back to Reforms, Looking Back to the Conference Twenty Years of Financial and Bank Reforms in the Czech Republic

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