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AUCO Czech Economic Review – 3/2012

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Negotiating the European Constitution: Government Preferences for Council Decision Rules

Authors: Hosli, Madeleine O.

Pages: 177-198

Total downloads: 143

Total abstract views: 315


Dynamic Collusion and Collusion Games in Knaster’s Procedure

Authors: Briata, Federica; Dall’Aglio, Marco; Fragnelli, Vito

Pages: 199-208

Total downloads: 111

Total abstract views: 291


Judicial Dissent under Externalities and Incomplete Information

Authors: Romaniuc, Rustam

Pages: 209-224

Total downloads: 121

Total abstract views: 365


Who Cares about Inflation? Empirical Evidence from the Czech Republic

Authors: Berlemann, Michael

Pages: 225-243

Total downloads: 134

Total abstract views: 350


Central Bank Forecasts as a Coordination Device: Evidence from the Czech Republic

Authors: Filáček, Jan; Saxa, Branislav

Pages: 244-264

Total downloads: 116

Total abstract views: 304


Mathematical Methods in Economics 2012

Authors: Ramík, Jaroslav; Mielcová, Elena

Pages: 265-266

Total downloads: 135

Total abstract views: 274


The Nobel Prize for Economics to Alvin E. Roth and Lloyd S. Shapley

Authors: Fragnelli, Vito

Pages: 266-267

Total downloads: 119

Total abstract views: 238


Theses of Campione d’Italia


Pages: 267-268

Total downloads: 77

Total abstract views: 238

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