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Sociologický časopis – 6/2012

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Marek Skovajsa:

Editorial [1047]


Maša Filipovič Hrast, Valentina Hlebec and Matic Kavčič:

The Social Exclusion of the Elderly: A Mixed-Methods Study in Slovenia [1051]

Klaus Boehnke and Susanne Rippl:

General and 'Neighbourly' Trust in Border Regions: An Analysis of the Influence of Disintegration Experience and of Self-Enhancement Mentalities in the German-Czech Border Regions [1075]

Metka Mencin Čeplak:

The Individualisation of Responsibility and School Achievement [1093]

Miroslav Hroch:

Three Encounters with Karl W. Deutsch [1115]

Výročí: Karl W. Deutsch

Andrei S. Markovits:

Karl Wolfgang Deutsch (1912-1992) [1131]

Dieter Senghaas:

Practising Politics with Alert Senses: Remembering Karl W. Deutsch (1912-1992) [1135]

Charles Lewis Taylor:

Empirical Data for Theory Development [1144]

Peter J. Katzenstein:

Karl W. Deutsch: Teacher, Scholar, Mentor, Mensch [1149]

Zemřel Jiří Musil

Michal Illner, George Soros:

Remembering Jiří Musil (1928-2012) [1153]

Claire Wallace:

Jiří Musil, Czech Sociologist, Dies [1154]

Iván Szelényi:

Jiří Musil and the East European Origins of the New Urban Sociology [1156]

Lily M. Hoffman:

The Advantage of Disadvantage: Jiří Musil and Urban Sociology [1164]

Grzegorz Gorzelak and Bohdan Jałowiecki:

A True European from Central Europe [1166]

John A. Hall:

A Singular Contribution [1169]

Zemřel Miloslav Petrusek

Hana Červinková:

Miloslav (Milan) Petrusek (1936-2012) [1171]

Marek Skovajsa:

The Janáček of Czech Sociology: Miloslav Petrusek [1174]


Ivan Lesay:

Martin Myant and Jan Drahokoupil: Transition Economies: Political Economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia [1185]

Olga Onuch:

Andrew Roberts: The Quality of Democracy in Eastern Europe: Public Preferences and Policy Reforms [1187]

Andrea Schmidt:

Joan Costa-Font (ed.): Reforming Long-Term Care in Europe [1190]

Natalia Gavrilova:

Andreas Hoff (ed.): Population Ageing in Central and Eastern Europe. Societal and Policy Implications [1193]

William I. Robinson:

Luke Martell: The Sociology of Globalization [1196]

Gert Verschraegen:

J. T. Weishaupt: From the Manpower Revolution to the Activation Paradigm. Explaining Institutional Continuity and Change in an Integrating Europe [1199]

Jiří Mertl:

Michael J. Sandel: What's the Right Thing to Do? [1202]

Liudvika Leisyte:

Michael Dobbins: Higher Education Policies in Central and Eastern Europe. Convergence towards a Common Model? [1205]

Kamila Mrázková:

James Wilson: Moravians in Prague. A Sociolinguistic Study of Dialect Contact in the Czech Republic [1207]

David Z. Scheffel:

Luděk Sýkora (ed.): Rezidenční segregace [1210]


Tomáš Karger:

Persecution and Toleration of Non-Traditional Religious Minorities before and after 1989 [1213]

Mimo rubriky

Reviewers of Articles in 2012 [1215]

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