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Sociologický časopis – 3/2013

Záznam přidán/aktualizován: 13. září 2013 v 15.38 hod.


Pat Lyons:

Impact of Salience on Differential Trust across Political Institutions in the Czech Republic [347]

Chad Staddon, Stefan Genchev:

Geographical and Temporal Dimensions of Bulgarian Attitudes towards the Rural Environment [375]

Jan Váně, Martina Štípková:

The National Religious Environment and the Orthodoxy of Christian Beliefs: A Comparison of Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia [403]

Patricia G. Erickson, Mark van der Maas, Andrew D. Hathaway:

Revisiting Deterrence: Legal Knowledge, Use Context and Arrest Perception for Cannabis [427]

Zemřel Jiří Musil

Wendelin Strubelt:

In Memoriam Jiří Musil [449]


Marek Naczyk:

Barbara Vis: Politics of Risk-Taking: Welfare State Reform in Advanced Democracies [455]

Linda L. Cook:

Richard Rose, William Mishler and Neil Munro: Popular Support for an Undemocratic Regime: The Changing Views of Russians [458]

Seán Hanley:

Leonardo Morlino: Changes for Democracy: Actors, Structures, Processes [461]

Eszter Zolyomi:

Robbyn R. Wacker and Karen A. Roberto: Aging Social Policies: An International Perspective [464]

Marta Kahancová:

Guglielmo Meardi: Social Failures of EU Enlargement: A Case of Workers Voting with Their Feet [467]

Peter Rožič:

Roman David: Lustration and Transitional Justice: Personnel Systems in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland [471]

Vera Scepanovic:

Irena Kogan, Clemens Noelke and Michael Gebel (eds.): Making the Transition. Education and Labor Market Entry in Central and Eastern Europe [475]

Umut Korkut:

Gareth Dale (ed.): First the Transition, Then the Crash. Eastern Europe in the 2000s [478]

J. Timo Weishaupt:

Jochen Clasen and Daniel Clegg (eds.): Regulating the Risk of Unemployment: National Adaptations to Postindustrial Labor Markets in Europe [482]

Francesco Barbabella:

Alison Pilnick, Jon Hindmarsh and Virginia Teas Gill (eds.): Communication in Healthcare Settings. Policy, Participation and New Technologies [485]

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