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Finance a úvěr – 2/2014

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Interactions between Real Estate and Equity Markets: an Investigation of Linkages in Developed and Emerging Countries

Authors: Ceh Casni, Anita; Vizek, Maruška

Pages: 100-119


Productivity and Efficiency Evaluation of US Mutual Funds

Authors: Noori Houshyar, Afsaneh; Tavakoli Baghdadabad, Mohammad Reza

Pages: 120-143


Grouping Stock Markets with Time-Varying Copula-GARCH Model

Authors: Czapkiewicz, Anna; Majdosz, Pawel

Pages: 144-159


Income, Schooling and Housing Wealth during Economic Reforms

Authors: Fidrmuc, Jarko; Senaj, Matúš

Pages: 160-176

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