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AUCO Czech Economic Review – 1/2013

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Banzhaf Like Value for Games with Interval Uncertainty

Authors: Pusillo, Lucia

Pages: 5-14

Total downloads: 522

Total abstract views: 764


Approval Voting without Faithfulness

Authors: Ninjbat, Uuganbaatar

Pages: 15-20

Total downloads: 481

Total abstract views: 900


Investigating Differences Between the Czech and Slovak Labour Market Using a Small DSGE Model with Search and Matching Frictions

Authors: Němec, Daniel

Pages: 21-41

Total downloads: 545

Total abstract views: 979


Outward Labour Migration in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia after the EU Enlargement in 2004

Authors: Strielkowski, Wadim; Filipec, Petr; Štefánik, Miroslav; Kowalska, Karolina

Pages: 42-54

Total downloads: 532

Total abstract views: 903


Possible Modifications of the Multiple Criteria Assignment Method

Authors: Borovička, Adam

Pages: 55-67

Total downloads: 498

Total abstract views: 737

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