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Statistika – 4/2014

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Quality Assessment and Improvement Methods in Statistics – what Works?

Hans Viggo Sabo

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Analysis of Long-Run GDP Development in the USA, the EU15, China and the USSR/Russia

Jiří Mihola, Petr Wawrosz

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Constructions of the Average Rate of Return of Pension or Investment Funds Based on Chain Indices

Jacek Białek

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Estimation of Poverty in Small Areas

Agne Bikauskaite

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What is about Development of Wages in the Czech Education and Healthcare Sectors During and after the Economic Downturn?

Diana Bílková

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Economic Statistics or Statistical Methods in Economics?

Richard Hindls, Stanislava Hronová

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Development of the Measurement of Product

Jaroslav Sixta

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Beyond Statistical Methods – Compendium of Statistical Methods for Researchers

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