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Finance a úvěr – 2/2015

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Interactions of Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures with the Euro Area Yield Curve

Authors: Gertler, Lubomira

Pages: 106-126


Systemic Sovereign Risk and Asset Prices: Evidence from the CDS Market, Stressed European Economies and Nonlinear Causality Tests

Authors: Ajmi, Ahdi Noomen; Apergis, Nicholas

Pages: 127-143


Improving Bankruptcy Prediction in Micro-Entities by Using Nonlinear Effects and Non-Financial Variables

Authors: Blanco-Oliver, Antonio; Irimia-Dieguez, Ana; Oliver-Alfonso, Maria; Wilson, Nicholas

Pages: 144-166


Systematic Risk Changes, Negative Realized Excess Returns and Time-Varying CAPM Beta

Authors: Novak, Jiri

Pages: 167-190

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