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Sociologický časopis – 3/2015

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Ian Fitzgerald, Rafal Smoczynski:

Anti-Polish Migrant Moral Panic in the UK: Rethinking Employment Insecurities and Moral Regulation [339]

Sean P. Hier:

The Cultural Politics of Contemporary Moral Panic Studies: Reflections on a Changing Research Agenda [362]

Ondřej Slačálek:

The Thieves of Happiness, the Thieves of Reason [373]

Ian Fitzgerald, Rafal Smoczynski:

Anti-Polish Migrant Moral Panic in the UK: A Response [380]

Karel Musílek, Tomáš Katrňák:

The Notion of Social Class in Czech Political Discourse [387]

Studie ze sociální teorie

Robin R. Das, Hermann Strasser:

The Sociologist from Marienbad: Werner Stark between Catholicism and Social Science [417]

Seth Abrutyn:

Money, Love, and Sacredness: Generalised Symbolic Media and the Production of Instrumental, Affectual, and Moral Reality [445]

Knižní symposium

Marek Skovajsa:

Introducing the Symposium on Interpretation and Social Knowledge by Isaac Ariail Reed [473]

Leslie MacColman:

The Central Arguments of Isaac Ariail Reed’s Interpretation and Social Knowledge [475]

Eeva Luhtakallio:

Hands in the Peat, or on the Metaphors of Meaning [487]

Nelson Arteaga Botello:

The Landscape of Meaning, a Metaphor in Process [493]

Dominik Bartmański, Werner Binder:

Being and Knowledge: On Some Liabilities of Reed’s Interpretivism [499]

Hendrik Vollmer:

Meaning, Commensuration, and General Theory [512]

Steven Lukes:

Deflation and Construction: Rendering Social Causes Meaningful [518]

Stephen Welch:

Meanings as Mechanisms [524]

Isaac Ariail Reed:

Interpretive Explanation and Its Discontents: Author’s Reply to Commentaries [532]


Max Haller:

Anthony Giddens: Turbulent and Mighty Continent: What Future for Europe? [547]

Richard Wilkinson:

Wiemer Salverda, Brian Nolan, Daniele Checchi, Ive Marx, Abigail McKnight, István György Tóth and Herman van de Werfhorst (eds.): Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries Analytical and Comparative Perspectives [550]

Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan:

Milton Lodge and Charles Taber: The Rationalizing Voter [556]

Erin Marie Saltman:

Cas Mudde (ed.): Youth and the Extreme Right [559]

Ben Davies:

Dennis McKerlie: Justice Between the Young and the Old [562]

Sergiu Delcea:

Zenonas Norkus: On Baltic Slovenia and Adriatic Lithuania: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Patterns in Post-communist Europe [566]

Donncha Marron:

Akos Rona-Tas and Alya Guseva: Plastic Money: Constructing Markets for Credit Cards in Eight Postcommunist Countries [569]

Stefan Domonkos:

Igor Guardiancich: Pension Reforms in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe from Post-socialist Transition to the Global Financial Crisis [572]

Thomas Winkelbauer:

Adam Kożuchowski: The Afterlife of Austria-Hungary: The Image of the Habsburg Monarchy in Interwar Europe [575]

Umut Korkut:

Alan Ryan: The Making of Modern Liberalism [578]

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