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Sociologický časopis – 6/2016

Záznam přidán/aktualizován: 20. únor 2017 v 15.15 hod.


Martin Ouředníček, Lucie Pospíšilová:

Editorial: Urban Dynamics and Neighbourhood Change in Cities after Transition [787]


Donatas Burneika, Rūta Ubarevičienė:

Socio-ethnic Segregation in the Metropolitan Areas of Lithuania [795]

Petra Špačková, Lucie Pospíšilová, Martin Ouředníček:

The Long-term Development of Socio-spatial Differentiation in Socialist and Post-socialist Prague [821]

Katarzyna Gorczyca:

The Social Transformation of Large Housing Estates in Poland at the Turn of the 21st Century [861]

Martin Šveda, Michala Madajová, Peter Podolák:

Behind the Differentiation of Suburban Development in the Hinterland of Bratislava, Slovakia [893]

Robert Osman, Daniel Seidenglanz, Ondřej Mulíček:

Urban Place as a Heterochronotopia: A Case Study of a Brno Locality [927]

Ingmar Pastak, Anneli Kährik:

The Impacts of Culture-led Flagship Projects on Local Communities in the Context of Post-socialist Tallinn [963]


Ivana Přidalová:

The 6th International Conference of the Cities After Transition (CAT) Network: 25 Years of Urban Change, Prague, 23–26 September 2015 [991]

Michael Gentile:

CAT-ferences and the Cities After Transition (CAT) Network [994]


Rebecca Hamlin:

Pauli Kettunen, Sonya Michel and Klaus Petersen (eds): Race, Ethnicity, and Welfare States: An American Dilemma? [997]

Ryan Finnigan:

Max Haller and Anja Eder: Ethnic Stratification and Economic Inequality around the World: The End of Exploitation and Exclusion? [1000]

Vera Šćepanović:

Seán Ó Riain: The Rise and Fall of Ireland‘s Celtic Tiger. Liberalism, Boom and Bust [1002]

Alexandru Daniel Moise:

Joel Sawat Selway: Coalitions of the Well-being: How Electoral Rules and Ethnic Politics Shape Health Policy in Developing Countries [1005]

Carrie H. Ryan:

Allan Kellehear: The Inner Life of the Dying Person [1009]

Katrin Uba:

Swen Hutter: Protesting Culture and Economics in Western Europe: New Cleavages in Left and Right Politics [1011]

Tomáš Ledvinka:

Maurits Berger (ed.): Applying Sharia in the West. Facts, Fears and the Future of Islamic Rules on Family Relations in the West [1014]

Joanna Rak:

Constance DeVereaux and Martin Griffin: Narrative, Identity, and the Map of Cultural Policy: Once Upon a Time in a Globalized World [1017]

Mimo rubriky

Recenzenti statí rozhodnutých v roce 2016 [1021]

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