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Finance a úvěr – 5/2016

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Editorial to the Special Issue on Emerging Market Finance and Institutional Investors

Authors: Frömmel, Michael

Pages: 372-373


US Dollar Carry Trades in the Era of “Cheap Money”

Authors: Erdos, Peter; Li, Youwei; Moore, Michael; Shehadeh, Ali

Pages: 374-404


Impact of US Macroeconomic News Announcements on Intraday Causalities on Selected European Stock Markets

Authors: Gurgul, Henryk; Lach, Lukasz; Wójtowicz, Tomasz

Pages: 405-425


The Role of the Real Exchange Rate in Credit Growth in Central and Eastern European Countries: A Bank-Level Analysis

Authors: Frömmel, Michael; Midilic, Murat

Pages: 426-452


Forecasting Exchange Rate Volatility: The Case of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland

Authors: Fedorko, Igor; Lyócsa , Štefan; Molnár, Peter

Pages: 453-475

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