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Prague Economic Papers – 6/2015

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Danuše Nerudová, Veronika Solilová

The Impact of the CCCTB Introduction on the Distribution of the Group Tax Bases Across the EU: The Study for the Czech Republic

Růčková Petra, Heryán Tomáš

The Capital Structure Management in Companies of Selected Business Branches of Building in Conditions of the Czech Republic

Antonio Cerqueira, Claudia Pereira

Accounting Accruals and Information Asymmetry in Europe

Pavla Vodová

To Lend or to Borrow on the Interbank Market: What Matters for Commercial Banks in the Visegrad Countries

Gábor Dávid Kiss, Tamás Schuszter

The Euro Crisis and Contagion among Central and Eastern European Currencies: Recommendations for Avoiding Lending in a Safe Haven Currency such as CHF

Anna Buriak, Serhiy Lyeonov, Tetiana Vasylieva

Systematically Important Domestic Banks: An Indicator-Based Measurement Approach for the Ukrainian Banking System

Serkan Y. Kandir, Ahmet Erismis, Ilhan Ozturk

Investigating Exchange Rate Exposure of Energy Firms: Evidence from Turkey

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