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Prague Economic Papers – 4/2016

Záznam přidán/aktualizován: 12. červen 2017 v 14.19 hod.

Mateusz Machaj

Can the Taylor Rule be a Good Guidance for Policy? The Case of 2001–2008 Real Estate Bubble

Mato Njavro, Petra Posedel, Maruška Vizek

Regime Switching Behaviour of Real Estate and Equity Prices in Emerging Countries

Hacer Simay Karaalp-Orhan, Orhan Sevcan Günes

Effect of Foreign Trade on Real Wages: Case of Turkey

Oliver Polyák

Euro Adoption and Export: A Case Study of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Old EU Member States

Tatiana Chudá, Petr Janský

The Impact of Fat Tax: Progressive in Health, but Regressive in Income?

Tao Chen

Logo Color, Earnings Management and Firm Value

Ingrid-Mihaela Dragotă, Delia Tatu-Cornea, Narcis Tulbure

Determinants of Development of the Mutual Fund Industry: A Socio-Cultural Approach

Marek Loužek

The Economic Approach to Science

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