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Prague Economic Papers – 5/2016

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Beata Bal Domańska

The Impact of Economic Crisis on Convergence Processes in European Union Regions

Tomáš Bunčák

Exchange Rates Forecasting: Can Jump Models Combined with Macroeconomic Fundamentals Help?

Edyta Marcinkiewicz

Short Sale and Index Futures Mispricing: Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Petr Maleček, Ota Melcher

Cross-Border Effects of Car Scrapping Schemes: The Case of the German Car Scrapping Programme and its Effects on the Czech Economy

Francisco Martínez Sánchez

Versioning Goods and Joint Purchase: Substitution and Complementarity Strategies

Chyi-Lu Jang, Chun-Ping Chang

Vote Buying and Victory of Election: The Case of Taiwan

Bariş Gök, Abdurrahman Nazif Çatik

Is There Any Time-Varying Relationship between Fiscal and Trade Deficits in Turkey?

Hana Džmuráňová, Petr Teplý

Why Are Savings Accounts Perceived as Risky Bank Products?

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