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Finance a úvěr – 9-10/2003

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Joining the EU - The Experience of Selected Current Members (in English)

Authors: Frait, Jan; Komárek, Luboš

Pages: 371-373

East Germany, Central Europe, and the Risk of Real Convergence Overshooting

Authors: Rother, Philipp; Süppel, Ralph

Pages: 374-393

Irish Economic Development over Three Decades of EU Membership

Authors: Barry, Frank

Pages: 394-412

The Path towards Economic and Monetary Integration: The Portuguese Experience

Authors: Amador, Joao

Pages: 413-429

Finnish Monetary and Foreign Exchange Policy on the Way towards the Euro

Authors: Korhonen, Tapio

Pages: 430-448

Banking System Stability

Authors: Komárek, Luboš

Pages: 449-451

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