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Prague Economic Papers – 5/2018

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Michala Moravcová

The Impact of German Macroeconomic News on Emerging European Forex Markets

[full text (PDF)]

Lukasz Kurowski, Pawel Smaga

Monetary Policy and Cyclical Systemic Risk - Friends or Foes?

[full text (PDF)]

Milan Hrdý

Valuation Standards for Commercial Banks in the Financial Theory and their Analysis

[full text (PDF)]

Aysa Ipek Erdogan

Cash Flow Sensitivities of Financial Decisions: Evidence from an Emerging Market

[full text (PDF)]

Blanka Škrabic Peric

Have More Profitable Banks a More or a Less Risky Lending Policy? Empirical Evidence from CEE Countries

[full text (PDF)]

Yiming Chang, Shangmei Zhao, Haijun Yang, Jiang He, Fei Hu

Determinants of Deposit Insurance Coverage

[full text (PDF)]

Fuhmei Wang

The Influences of Fiscal Decentralization on Economic Performance: Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries

[full text (PDF)]

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