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Prague Economic Papers – 6/2018

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Tomáš Buus

Risks and Transfer Pricing Regulation at the Multinational Enterprises’ Routine Units: A Literature Review

[full text (PDF)]

Madalina Ecaterina Popescu, Victor Dragotă

What Do Post-Communist Countries Have in Common When Predicting Financial Distress?

[full text (PDF)]

Mindaugas Butkus, Henrikas Karpavičius, Kristina Matuzevičiute

Do Free Trade Regimes and Common Currency Drive Export Growth?

[full text (PDF)]

Oguz Atuk, Mustafa Utku Özmen, Cagri Sarikaya

A Disaggregated Analysis of the Impact of Output Gap on Inflation and Implications for Monetary Policy

[full text (PDF)]

Peter Pisár, Ján Huňady, Erika Ľapinová

Work Flexibility in Developed Countries: Economic Context and Policy Implications

[full text (PDF)]

Veronika Hedija

Is the Rule of Law Significant for the Explanation of the Differences in the Gender Pay Gap?

[full text (PDF)]

Matěj Kuc, Petr Teplý

A Financial Performance Comparison of Czech Credit Unions and European Cooperative Banks

[full text (PDF)]

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