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Finance a úvěr – 5-6/2004

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The Impact of the Regime-Shift Premium on Forward Interest Rates and Inflation Expectations in the Czech Republic (in Czech)

Authors: Holinka, Tomáš; Stiller, Vladimír

Pages: 190-201

Demand for Fuel and its Consequences for Indirect Taxation: A Microeconomic View (in English)

Authors: Slavík, Michal

Pages: 202-233

What Determines Leverage in Transition Countries? (in English)

Authors: Weill, Laurent

Pages: 234-242

On the Desirability of Coordinated Supply-side Intervention: Does a Monetary Union Matter? (in English)

Authors: Díaz-Roldán, Carmen

Pages: 243-251

Is Dollarization the Right Option? Financial Fragility, Original Sin and Fear of Floating (in English)

Authors: Horváth, Roman

Pages: 252-266

Exchange Rate Regimes: Choices and Consequences (A. R. Ghosh ? A.-M. Gulde ? H. C. Wolf) (in English)

Authors: Bulíř, Aleš

Pages: 267-269

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