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AUCO Czech Economic Review – 1/2007

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New Measure of Voting Power

Authors: Turnovec, František

Pages: 4-14


Judging the Sustainability of Czech Public Finances

Authors: Zápal, Jan

Pages: 15-31


A Fiscal Rule that Has Teeth: A Suggestion for a Fiscal Sustainability Council Underpinned by the Financial Markets

Authors: Hedbávný, Petr; Schneider, Ondřej; Zápal, Jan

Pages: 32-53


Heterogeneous Agents Model with the Worst Out Algorithm

Authors: Vácha, Lukáš; Vošvrda, Miloslav

Pages: 54-66


Political Economy of Public Deficit: Perspectives for Constitutional Reform

Authors: Geršl, Adam

Pages: 67-86


Cross-Border Risk Transmission by a Multinational Bank

Authors: Derviz, Alexis

Pages: 87-111

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