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AUCO Czech Economic Review – 3/2010

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Authors: Vošvrda, Miloslav

Pages: 234-235


Keynesian Macrodynamics: Convergence, Roads to Instability and the Emergence of Complex Business Fluctuations

Authors: Chiarella, Carl; Hung, Hing; Flaschel, Peter

Pages: 236-262


Nonlinear Inflation Expectations and Endogenous Fluctuations

Authors: Gomes, Orlando

Pages: 263-280


Tail Behavior of the Central European Stock Markets during the Financial Crisis

Authors: Baruník, Jozef; Vácha, Lukáš; Vošvrda, Miloslav

Pages: 281-294


Forecasting the Quantiles of Daily Equity Returns Using Realized Volatility: Evidence from the Czech Stock Market

Authors: Bubák, Vít

Pages: 295-314


Rescaled Range Analysis and Detrended Fluctuation Analysis: Finite Sample Properties and Confidence Intervals

Authors: Krištoufek, Ladislav

Pages: 315-329


Dynamics of Stock Market Correlations

Authors: Kenett, Dror Y.; Shapira, Yoash; Madi, Asaf; Bransburg-Zabary, Sharron; Gur-Gershgoren, Gitit; Ben-Jacob, Eshel

Pages: 330-340


Book review: L. E. Calvet & A. J. Fisher, Multifractal Volatility: Theory, Forecasting, and Pricing

Authors: Baruník, Jozef

Pages: 341-343


Workshop: Voting, Power, and Manipulation

Authors: Doležel, Pavel

Pages: 344-345

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