SVI: Obsahy časopisů – AUCO Czech Economic Review The AUCO Czech Economic Review aims to publish theoretical, empirical, and applied research papers in economics. The journal's main emphasis is on mathematical and quantitative methods applied in a variety of fields, predominantly microeconomics, public economics and industrial organization. The geographical reference in the journal's name merely signifies that it is an initiative of Czech scholars, and the acronym AUCO refers to the tradition of a local outlet, named the Acta Universitatis Carolinae Oeconomica.
POZOR! Plné texty jsou dostupné na webu časopisu! cs (c) SVI ESF MU University information system self-made AUCO Czech Economic Review – 2015/3 Differential Game Approach for International Environmental Agreements with Social Externalities Authors: Mallozzi, Lina; Patri, Stefano; Sacco, Armando Pages: 135-154 The Iterative Nature of a Class of Economic Dynamics Authors: Wang, Shilei Pages: 155-168 Reciprocal Equilibria in Link Formation Games Authors: Salonen, Hannu Pages: 169-183 Experimental Results about Linguistic Voting Authors: Zahid, Manzoor Ahmad; de Swart, Harrie Pages: 184-201 Wed, 04 Jan 2017 13:32:59 +0100 AUCO Czech Economic Review – 2015/2 Asymmetric Information, Bank Lending and Implicit Contracts: Differences between Banks Authors: Niinim�ki, Juha-Pekka Pages: 74-90 Total downloads: 171 Total abstract views: 515 Insurance-Markets Equilibrium with Double Indivisible Labor Supply Authors: Vasilev, Aleksandar Pages: 91-103 Total downloads: 169 Total abstract views: 389 Sentiment Cyclicality Authors: Gomes, Orlando Pages: 104-134 Total downloads: 118 Total abstract views: 389 Thu, 15 Sep 2016 14:33:19 +0200 AUCO Czech Economic Review – 2015/1 Climate Change, Collapse and Social Choice Theory Authors: Schofield, Norman Pages: 7-35 Total downloads: 196 Participation and Solidarity in Redistribution Mechanisms Authors: Giménez-Gómez, José-Manuel; Peris, Josep E. Pages: 36-48 Robust Turnpikes Deduced by the Minimum-Time Needed toward Economic Maturity Authors: Dai, Darong Pages: 49-73 Mon, 22 Feb 2016 09:35:07 +0100 AUCO Czech Economic Review – 2014/3 Relationship Lending, Bank Competition and Financial Stability Authors: Niinim�ki, Juha-Pekka Pages: 102-124 The Role of Trust in Determining the Propensity to Join Unofficial Strikes Authors: Ruiu, Gabriele Pages: 125-148 Bargaining Structures and Agendas in an Unconstrained Hotelling Model Authors: Buccella, Domenico Pages: 149-167 Fri, 23 Jan 2015 10:11:05 +0100 AUCO Czech Economic Review – 2014/2 Aggregating and Updating Information Authors: Salonen, Hannu Pages: 55-67 The Discrete Charm of Uniform Linear Pricing of an Input Production Joint Venture Authors: Rossini, Gianpaolo; Vergari, Cecilia Pages: 68-83 Refining the Information Function Method: Instrument and Application Authors: Qin, Dan Pages: 84-101 Fri, 23 Jan 2015 10:10:25 +0100