SVI: Obsahy časopisů – Prague Economic Papers Prague Economic Papers is a representative scientific quarterly dealing with economic theory, modelling and analysis, problems of economic and social development of Czech Republic and other economics. It presents information about scientific life and new interesting economic literature published in the Czech Republic and in other countries. The main aim of the Prague Economic Papers is to publish papers and analytical studies that will be interesting to both theoretically and practically specialized readers. As a reviewed scientific journal it has been published since 1992 by the University of Economics, Prague.
POZOR! Plné texty jsou dostupné na webu časopisu! cs (c) SVI ESF MU University information system self-made Prague Economic Papers – 2017/3 Ján Malega, Roman Horváth Financial Stress in the Czech Republic: Measurement and Effects on the Real Economy Hana Hejlová, Michal Hlaváček, Luboš Komárek A Comprehensive Method for House Price Sustainability Assessment in the Czech Republic Magdalena Szyszko Central Bank’s Inflation Forecast and Expectations. A Comparative Analysis Nikola Radivojevic, Jelena Jovovic Examining of Determinants of Non-Performing Loans Michal Plaček, Martin Schmidt, František Ochrana, Michal Půček Do the Selected Characteristics of Public Tenders Affect the Likelihood of Filing Petitions with the Regulators of Public Tenders? Radek Halamka, Petr Teplý The Effect of Ethics on Banks’ Financial Performance Michael Moritz, Bastian Stockinger, Merlind Trepesch Multinational Resilience or Dispensable Jobs? German FDI and Employment in the Czech Republic Around the Great Recession Wojciech Grabowski, Ewa Stawasz Sovereign Bond Spreads in the EMU Peripheral Countries. The Role of the Outright Monetary Transactions Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:25:05 +0200 Prague Economic Papers – 2017/2 Boţoc Claudiu Univariate and Bivariate Volatility in Central European Stock Markets Pelin Varol Iyidogan, Taner Turan Government Size and Economic Growth in Turkey: A Threshold Regression Analysis Jiří Šindelář GDP Forecasting by Czech Institutions: An Empirical Evaluation Domenico Buccella (Local) Wage Settings and (International) Entry Deterrence Yo Jiang, Xianming Fang, Haofei Wang IPO Price, Heterogeneous Priors and Gradual Information Flows Kateřina Gawthorpe Competition of Currencies: An Alternative to Legal Tender Magdalena Olczyk, Aleksandra Kordalska International Competitiveness of Czech Manufacturing - A Sectoral Approach with Error Correction Model Milan Hrdý, Eva Ducháčková Valuation Standards for Insurance Companies in the Financial Theory Martin Dlouhý, Tomáš Hudeček Location of Unwanted Facilities in Prague: NIMBY in Public Administration Hierarchy Book Reviews Gijs van Dijck Control and Takeover of Companies as Strategy of Growth Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:23:38 +0200 Prague Economic Papers – 2017/1 Tinatin Akhvlediani, Katarzyna Śledziewska The Impacts of Common Commercial Policy on Export Performances of Visegrad Countries Petr Suchánek, Jiří Richter, Maria Králová Customer Satisfaction with Quality of Products of Food Business Victor Dragotă, Radu Ciobanu The Unusual Case of the Discount Offers for Taking the Control: Evidence from Romania Laura Wallenius, Elena Fedorova, Sheraz Ahmed, Mikael Collan Surprise Effect of Euro Area Macroeconomic Announcements on CIVETS Stock Markets María C. Sánchez-Sellero, Pedro Sánchez-Sellero, María M. Cruz-González, Francisco J. Sánchez-Sellero Stability and Satisfaction at Work During the Spanish Economic Crisis Ivana Tománková Determinants of Route Presence in the EU Airline Industry Jan Bastin Minimum Variance Portfolios in the German Stock Market Book Reviews Tomáš Hřebík Results of the “National Economic Experiment” in the Modern Economic History in the Czech Republic Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:23:05 +0200 Prague Economic Papers – 2016/6 Nathan Berg, Jeong-Yoo Kim Equilibrium National Border and Its Stability Łukasz Goczek, Dagmara Mycielska Euro Dominance Hypothesis and Monetary Policy Independence – the Czech Perspective Eliška Vejchodská, Lenka Slavíková, Vítězslav Malý Evaluating the Regulatory Burden: Pollutant Release and Transfer Reporting Costs Dejan Živkov, Jovan Njegić, Vera Mirović Dynamic Nexus between Exchange Rate and Stock Prices in the Major East European Economies Petr Janský, Lenka Röhryová The Distributional Impacts of Meal Vouchers in the Czech Republic Bojan Krstić, Ljiljana Bonić EIC: A New Tool for Intellectual Capital Performance Measurement Václava Pánková Current Account, Consumption and Capital Mobility: An Econometric Approach Jan Ámos Víšek A Few Critical Comments to the Paper by Marek Loužek: The Economic Approach to Science Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:21:44 +0200 Prague Economic Papers – 2016/5 Beata Bal Domańska The Impact of Economic Crisis on Convergence Processes in European Union Regions Tomáš Bunčák Exchange Rates Forecasting: Can Jump Models Combined with Macroeconomic Fundamentals Help? Edyta Marcinkiewicz Short Sale and Index Futures Mispricing: Evidence from the Warsaw Stock Exchange Petr Maleček, Ota Melcher Cross-Border Effects of Car Scrapping Schemes: The Case of the German Car Scrapping Programme and its Effects on the Czech Economy Francisco Martínez Sánchez Versioning Goods and Joint Purchase: Substitution and Complementarity Strategies Chyi-Lu Jang, Chun-Ping Chang Vote Buying and Victory of Election: The Case of Taiwan Bariş Gök, Abdurrahman Nazif Çatik Is There Any Time-Varying Relationship between Fiscal and Trade Deficits in Turkey? Hana Džmuráňová, Petr Teplý Why Are Savings Accounts Perceived as Risky Bank Products? Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:20:01 +0200