SVI: Obsahy časopisů – Central European Journal of Management The Central European Journal of Management is a scientific review journal which has been published biannually by Masaryk University in Brno since 2014. It publishes theoretical works, the results of research activities and practical applications, reviews and consultations. The publication is aimed at the issue of management in general, behavioural aspects of management and quantitative applications in management. Geographically, the journal focuses on Central Europe.
POZOR! Plné texty jsou dostupné na webu časopisu! cs (c) SVI ESF MU University information system self-made Central European Journal of Management – 2016/1 DOES QUALITY OF BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT INFLUENCE FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT INFLOWS? A CASE OF CENTRAL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Aneta Bobenič-Hintošová Potential of open data in the Czech Republic Jan Boubin Selected Characteristics of Business Environment in Visegrad Region Michaela Bruothová THE SOCIOECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Jan Mertl, Radim Valenčík Do gender and personality traits (BFI-10) influence trust? A replication František Sudzina Mon, 27 Feb 2017 12:56:25 +0100 Central European Journal of Management – 2015/1 A Survey of Stakeholder Visualization Approaches Martin Cenek, Ondřej Částek RISKS IN MANAGEMENT OF ENERGY Monika Pisniak The Expansion of Activity-Based Costing/Management in the Czech Republic Jana Pokorná The elimination of selected barriers in the decision making process Ivana Mazalová, Jiří Richter Wed, 25 Jan 2017 13:20:06 +0100 Central European Journal of Management – 2014/2 Complexity of governance structures: Taxonomy of governance structure models used by Czech national sport organizations Pavel Král Behavioural management Gamification in knowledge management systems Michal Ďuriník Motivation of University Students as Future Entrepreneurs Peter Marinič, Viliam Záthurecký, Ondřej Špičák Quantitative applications in management Management of the export potential of the Ukrainian enterprises in the context of entrance to the European market Ievgene Kravchenko Wed, 25 Jan 2017 13:19:17 +0100 Central European Journal of Management – 2014/1 Editorial Classical management Innovation activity and enterprises´ size Michaela Bruothová, Aneta Bobenič Hintošová, Lucia Hliboká An Analysis of Terminology of Concepts of Competitiveness in the Presentations of Strategic Development of Selected Car Manufacturers Robert Zich Behavioural management Decent versus Humiliating Organizations. Antecedents and Effects. Johannes Lehner, Jaysuño Abramovich Schwartzberg The Generative Influence of Emotions and Feelings Eva Gatarik Quantitative applications in management Evaluation of the construction industry’s economic situation and expected development according to managers of SMBs Peter Marinič, Viliam Záthurecký Wed, 17 Jun 2015 12:50:33 +0200