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Statistika – 1/2020

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Economic Growth, Business Cycles and Okun’s Law: Unobserved Components Approach

Andrea Čížků


Estimation of the Optimal Parameter of Delay in Young and Lowe Indices in the Fisher Index Approximation

Adam Juszczak


Remarks on Price Index Methods for the CPI Measurement Using Scanner Data

Jacek Białek


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Income and Consumption Inequalities in Palestine: a Regression-Based Decomposition Approach

Mohsen Ayyash, Siok Kun Sek, Tareq Sadeq


Profiling: a New Way to Increase the Quality of Statistics on Research and Development

Thomas Balcone


The Improvement of Response Rates and Data Quality of Direct Business Surveys by Centralized Data Collection Approach: the ISTAT Experience

Giampaola Bellini, Francesca Monetti, Pasquale Papa


International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics (MME 2019)

Petra Zýková, Josef Jablonský


13th Year of the International Days of Statistics and Economics (MSED 2019)

Tomáš Löster, Jakub Danko


International Conference Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics (AMSE 2019)

Stanislava Hronová


International Conference Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks (IDIMT 2019)

Petr Doucek, Lea Nedomová, Gerhard Chroust, Antonín Pavlíček

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