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Ekonomie a management – 4/2023

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Foreign direct investments and participation in global value chains: New evidence from advanced manufacturing industries in Central and Eastern Europe

Ines Kersan-Skabic, Antea Barisic

Defending the nation, securing the economy

Iulia-Cristina Iuga, Adela Socol

Business Administration and Management

Exploring the relationship between failure-learning-based entrepreneurship education and youth entrepreneurial resilience: A mediated moderation model

Pengju Wang, Zhuang Xiong, Zhiquan Zhao

Managing intellectuals: Reaping the most and the best of knowledge workers in the post-COVID world

Arzu Atan, Tarik Atan

The role of crisis management in organisations functioning in COVID-19 pandemic conditions

Agnieszka Bienkowska, Katarzyna Tworek, Anna Zablocka-Kluczka, Joanna Zimmer

Gamification in management: Positive and negative aspects

Tomas Kačerauskas, Živilė Sederevičiūtė-Pačiauskienė, Jolita Šliogerienė

The CEO characteristics and Romanian banks performance

Mariana Bunea, Liliana Ionescu Feleaga, Bogdan Stefan Ionescu

Marketing and Trade

Extended model of mobile shopping acceptance: An empirical study of consumer behaviour

Robert Stefko, Beata Gavurova, Maria Olearova, Radovan Bacik, Lubomir Nebesky

Optimising public transport to increase tourist flows

Tomas Burda, Veronika Zidova, Tetiana But


Investigating self-efficacy and behavioural bias on investment decisions

Kuppusamy Srinivasan, Parthasarathy Karthikeyan

A critique of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank

Simona Pichova, Jan Cernohorsky, Marketa Kacerova, Jan Zila

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